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Maryland Episcopal Cursillo




A Cursillista (Lay or Clergy) wishing

to serve on a Weekend Team should:



  • Have attended a 4th Day workshop; and

  • Be active in the 4th Day by regularly attending Ultreyas, participating in Group Reunion, and supporting and attending Las Mañanitas and Clausura when possible.


Guidelines for Weekend Team Membership:


  • Weekend rectors select team members from Cursillistas who have submitted a Team Application or, in special cases, will request a prospective team member to fill out an application.

  • Applications for serving on a Weekend Team will be valid until such time as the Cursillista has been selected and served on a Cursillo Team, or for 3 years, whichever comes first.

  • A Cursillista may elect to submit a new application at any time the information reflected on his/her application changes.

  • Cursillistas selected to serve on a Weekend Team should not sponsor a candidate for the same weekend on which they are serving on team.

  • Spouses or fiancées of Cursillo team members should not be a candidate on the same weekend on which the team member is serving on team.

Currently, the team fee is $265.00. 

​​​​​​​​​This covers only The Claggett Center room and board.​

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