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Maryland Episcopal Cursillo




Maryland Episcopal Cursillo – Three Day Weekend

It is the desire of Maryland Episcopal Cursillo to try to prevent financial issues from standing in the way of a candidate or a prospective team member.  Individuals may request a partial scholarship (up to one-half of the total cost of the Weekend) to attend a Maryland Cursillo Three-Day Weekend.

Please note that requests for scholarship assistance should be made only after seeking support from one's clergy and/or home parish, sponsor, Group or Ultreya.  Because Maryland Episcopal Cursillo scholarship funds are limited, the local community is encouraged to provide scholarship assistance whenever possible.


The Cost of a Maryland Episcopal Cursillo

Three-Day Weekend is currently:

Sponsor’s Fee

for Candidate who attends a Parish

within the Diocese of Maryland) - $75.00

Team Member's Fee

(regardless of Diocese) - $265.00

This covers only The Claggett Center

room and board for the Weekend.​

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